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Tri-Running is Acadiana's first and best running specialty shoe store.  Since our establishment opened, over a decade ago, our focus continues to be on providing friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We offer the best brands of running/walking shoes, technical running apparel, and accessories to meet your comfort needs.


Many of our customers include:


  • Children

  • Doctors & Nurses

  • Teachers

  • Elderly

  • People with leg injuries

  • Runners, Joggers, and Walkers


Modern technology makes it possible for nearly every foot type to experience the perfect shoe.  Running shoes are specifically designed to address a vast variety of foot shapes, weight differences, and biomechanical anomalies.  It is difficult to know which shoe will work best for you, that is why we are here.  Our job is to help you discover your perfect pair of comfort shoes.  We make your feet HAPPY! Come visit us!

Gait Analysis


Gait analysis identifies an individual's body movements, mechanics, and muscles as the person walks or runs.  


Our staff is trained in identifying your body's specific biomechanics and stride.  Once your gait has been identified, we ask a series of questions to determine your specific fitness goals.  The last question we ask is your shoe size, then we fit you into the best running shoe for your body!

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